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  • Earth Day: Easy Green Habits

    Apr 22nd 2022

    Earth Day: Easy Green Habits

    Happy Earth Day!! Take some time to sit outside and admire all the natural beauty today, and while you’re at it, why not start a new habit that helps nurture the Earth as well? We know wanting to he…

  • Rain-Stain Remedies and Tips

    Apr 8th 2022

    Rain-Stain Remedies and Tips

    April is here, stormy weather could be on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean dirty windows are inevitable! If your office building has a lot of windows, frequent upkeep is very necessary. You never…

  • Maintenance Sales News Feature

    Mar 25th 2022

    Maintenance Sales News Feature

    Did you hear? VBM was featured in Maintenance Sales News Magazine! We are so grateful to our clients for all the support we've received over the years. We truly owe this success and our growth over th…

  • ISSA 2021

    Dec 1st 2021

    ISSA 2021

    This year VBM was finally able to go to ISSA North America in person! Our main focus at these events is always to look for the most efficient solutions for our clients. At ISSA, the VBM team worked to…

  • Annual Tradeshow & Golf Tournament 2021

    Jun 2nd 2021

    Annual Tradeshow & Golf Tournament 2021

    Our Annual Tradeshow and Golf Tournament was a success thanks to our wonderful clients and vendors! We showcased and trained on the latest innovations in the industry, including skin care, PPE, and cl…